Blues Hologram



Musically speaking, practically all the songs and instrumental pieces in the Blues Hologram catalogue were sprouted from classic blues elements - scales, chord progressions, melodic figures, etc. - but, in the creative process, each song ultimately finds and retains its own unique style and character.  While it's sometimes fun and interesting to trace the group's work back to familiar blues elements, the main point is always moving the chosen language forward, which more or less happens naturally if one is careful about living musically in the moment and not repeating things that have already been expressed.  Though the group has a unified and easily recognizable sound, Blues Hologram's music is rich and varied in content.

Producing outstanding recordings and live concerts of his original music, composer, keyboardist, lyricist and director Robert Bruce finds his ideal musical format in Blues Hologram due to his long-time, ongoing collaborations with such top-level colleagues - vocalists Martina Aswani, Amy Dodington, Gisele Kulak; drummers Danny Lockwood and Dave Simpson; Bassists Clark Johnston and Mark Shannon, who make up the core of this uniquely progressive pop, rock and blues group.